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Of Corks I Made It Myself!

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With the simple pop of a cork, memories are created…in our house, anyway.

We keep an oversized wine glass in one corner of our living room here in Abu Dhabi, it’s roughly 1 metre tall or so and every time we remove a cork, it goes into the glass. This unique cork-holder is special because we brought it with us to Abu Dhabi from our holiday home in Kelowna, BC – the gateway to Canada’s awesome Okanagan Valley – and here too, it serves as a constant visual reminder of celebrations, wine tastings and gatherings with our many wonderful friends, both new and old. How something so fragile survived the trip overseas I’ll never know!

Back in Canada, when the glass was full, I used to take the accumulated corks and pass them on to my friend, Tamara, whose father used them to make ‘things’.  She never really elaborated on what he used them for, but one day she presented me with a ‘thank-you-for-the-corks’ gift. It turned out that her father used the corks to craft handmade trivets, bulletin boards, and even wall-art, which he presented as gifts to friends and family. As I studied the winery names visible on my awesome, new trivet, I recognized many of the winery names and knew right away that the corks he used were our own, and as I turned the trivet over I saw his initials, ‘RTM’ burned into the wooden base. I was so touched. It’s always nice to receive gifts of course, but when someone takes the time to make a gift by hand, it seems so much more special.

The trivet that 'RTM' handmade especially for me.

The trivet that ‘RTM’ handmade especially for me.

I’m no longer able to pass the corks on to Tamara, and mailing them to her would not be practical, so now that our glass is full, so to speak and in more ways than one thankfully, I’ve turned to Google to investigate what I can do with my collection.

Here, I’d like to share some of my favourite ideas, some using a single cork and others more, complete with photos and links to the how-to directions. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to create some fun, eco-friendly, memorable wine cork crafts.

Christmas IS just around the corner, after all!



Wine Cork USB Drives – Such a quick and easy and oh-so-fun gift idea for the techy/wine lover on your Christmas list. And they would float too… just kidding. They would, but I know better than to put them near water. I just love to watch Mr. SGC cringe. Instructions can be found here.


Wine Cork Refrigerator Magnets/Planters – I’m a sucker for fridge magnets as anyone whose been in my kitchen can attest to. I think these magnet/planters are beautiful, and they’re ‘living’, which makes them all the more unique. Instructions can be found here.


Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments – the perfect gift for a Secret-Santa, a teacher, or a hostess gift when visiting friends over the holidays. Loop one on the neck of a wine bottle for a thoughtful two-part gift, or attach onto something gift wrapped for as an extra flourish. Instructions can be found here.


Wine Cork Candleholders – These require some sourcing, but everything you need is easy enough to find anywhere, especially at this time of year. I’m sure the glow these candleholders would give off would add instance ambience to any room! Instructions can be found here.


Wine Cork Ombré Heart Wall Art –  I love this. I love how the colours gradually go from natural cork to pinkish to vibrant red – probably Shiraz or Syrah, right? I think this would not only make a beautiful Christmas gift, but could be a Valentine’s gift for your spouse or even a wedding gift for a couple you’ve shared many-a-bottle with. Obviously more corks are required than the other crafts listed, and both red, white and rosé corks are needed, but collecting the corks is half the fun, right? If you’re impatient, maybe visit a neighbourhood restaurant to see if they’d save you some. Instructions can be found here.


Wine Cork Christmas Wreath – This is most likely the project I will attempt. This would be one-of-a-kind, especially in our Abu Dhabi neighbourhood, and I definitely know that I have enough corks handy. Wish me luck! Instructions can be found here.

If you do complete any of these projects, or any projects that I haven’t listed here but using wine corks, I would love to see the finished product and I’m sure others would too. Please remember to send me a photo.

Happy crafting!

Hmmm, not sure I have the nerve!

Hmmm, not sure I have the nerve!

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