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For those of you who might have been too busy to notice, school’s out and it’s the start of summer holidays. Many of you will most likely spend the next few days packing for your summer vacations to destinations far and wide.

The different countries or cultures that you visit this summer will have different ways of making a toast. Here’s a list to help you feel like a local when you want to toast your family and friends, when you buy that round at the bar or if you want to spread some good will wherever you find yourself.

Cheers to you and I wish you the best of the summer.

Afrikaans (South Africa) : Gesondheid! : (Ge-sund-hide)
Arabic (Egyptian) : (Fee-sa-ha-tak)
Armenian : Armenia : (Gen-ots-it)

Australian : Cheers or Bottoms Up.

Basque : On egin! : (On egín)
Bulgarian : (NAZ-dra-vey)
Chinese (Mandarin) : (Gan BAY)
Chinese : (Cantonese) : (Gom bui)
Czech : Na zdravi : (NAZ-drah vi)
Croatian : Živjeli : (ZHEE-vi-lee)
Danish : Skol : (Skol)
Dutch : Prosit! : (Prowst)

England : Cheers, Cheerio
Esperanto : Je via sano! Toston!
Estonian : Terviseks : (Ter-vi-seks)
Ethiopian (Amharic) : Letenachin
Farsi : (Ba-sal-a-ma-TEE)
Finnish : Kippis: (KEEP-us)
French : A Votre Sante : (Ah Vot-ruh Sahn-tay)
Gaelic (Irish) : Sláinte : (Slawn-che)
German : Prost : (Prohst)
Greek : (Stin Eyiassou/Stin Eye-ee-yass-ooh)

Greenland – Kassutta
Hawaiian : Okole Maluna
Hebrew : La Chaim! : (Le Chy-em)
Hungarian : Egeszsegere! : (Egg-esh Ay-ged-reh)

India – Chak Dey

Ireland : Slainte

Italian : Salute, Cin cin (Salu-tay/Chin Chin)
Japanese : Kampai : (Kam-pie)
Korean : (Chukbae)
Latvian : Prieka : (Pree-eh-ka)
Lithuanian : I Sveikata : (Ee sweh-kata)
Luxembourgish : Prost!: (Prohst)
Maltese : Evviva : (A-vee-va)\

Malaysia : Minum
Persian : (beh salamati)
Phillipines: Mabuhay (Ma-boo-hey)
Polish Na : zdrowie : (Naz-droh-vee-ay)
Romanian : Noroc! : (No-roak)
Russian : Boo-dem Zdo-ro-vee-eh)
Slovak : Na zdravie : (Naz-drah-vee-ay)
Spanish : Salud!/Salut: (Sah-lud/Sah-lute)
Thai : (Chuc-dee)
Turkish : (Sher-i-feh)

Ukraine : Budmo
Vietnamese : (chook-sa-koi-ah)
Yiddish : Zei Gazunt : (Zye GAH-zoont)

Wales : Lechyd Da
Zulu : Oogy wawa : (oogee-wawa) If anyone finds themselves toasting someone in Zulu, please, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear about it!


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