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About Me photoHi. Like you, I love wine. I’ve always loved wine. Even when I didn’t drink I loved wine – and that’s because of my Dad. Some of my earliest memories are the times spent with him during wine season. We’d spend all day searching for the ‘Uva per Vino’ signs and sourcing the best grapes that Toronto’s Little Italy had to offer.

Our basement is where the magic happened – the crushing, the fermentation, the swatting away of fruit flies, transferring it all to the ‘damigianas’ and then finally to the bottle for adequate aging. I say ‘adequate aging’ because one of the biggest jokes shared while sipping my Dad’s foggy wine during Sunday family dinners was that it was ‘Vintage Tuesday’.

These early experiences along with my extensive studies with the International Sommelier Guild and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, and travel to New and Old World wineries has instilled in me a deep understanding of the subtleties and intricacies of the process, how it translates on the nose and palate and a genuine interest for all things connected to the pleasures of the table.

Now, as a Sommelier, I try to build wine confidence in my clients and friends, giving them straight talk in plain language because wine should be approachable for everyone. Whether you’re new to wines, wine tasting or the wonder that is food and wine pairing, I hope you’ll join me where we’ll visit the glass, the bottle and the vineyard and where you too will hopefully become a Second Glass Citizen.


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